SEO Toolbox 4 Live Site Audit
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SEO Toolbox 4 Live Site Audit
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Site Audits, possibly one area that gets overlooked when it comes to SEO and websites. But why is that? Not everyone knows about them, why you should be running one and the opportunities they could uncover.When working with a new client it's essential that a site audit is run, why? to see what issues there are with a website. For example, do you know the Technical SEO issues your website is suffering from. Are these holding your website back from being found in search and in turn you're losing out on possible revenue? Leaving money on the table is something no one wants to be doing.In the past year, the world of digital and people's online habits have had one of the largest shifts we've seen. Are you keeping up with trends and your competitors? Want to overtake them and not be left behind. Do you know the changes in search that could have affected your site from being found?If you answered some of the above with a NO, that's cool. Why not join this webinar, submit your site today, if your site gets selected we'll be running a live site audit and giving live feedback on resolving major issues with your website. Who doesn't want free expert advice??In previous episodes of this SEO Toolbox series, we've uncovered hacked websites, canonical issues, http/https mixed content issues and opportunities to increase conversion and much much more.