Maximizing the Full Potential of YouTube Advertising
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Cory Henke Cory Henke
Joe Martinez Joe Martinez
Joel Bondorowsky Joel Bondorowsky
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Maximizing the Full Potential of YouTube Advertising
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Every day people watch over a billion hours of video content on YouTube. Almost one-third of the internet is on YouTube. To say your audience isn't on YouTube is just not true. Our three presenters will show why you need to at least try YouTube ads, and how you can find your target and connect with potential customers on the platform.-Bryant Garvin will talk through creative using the 10 commandments of video-Joe Martinez will talk about targeting options we have for video campaigns as of right now. -Cory Henke will talk about what metrics to focus on and what's important outside of conversion view rate, earned view, the value of true view skippable potentially adding in a directional focus to YouTube campaigns looking at google trends and analytics social breakdowns and site behavior.Hosted by Joel Bondorowsky