LinkedIn: What Every Sales Rep Needs to Know
LinkedIn: What Every Sales Rep Needs to Know
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When it comes to social selling, a lot of the talk out there revolves around leveraging LinkedIn. It's a logical fit - business-centric, and lots of professional conversations going on. However, a lot of people are making a lot of mistakes on LinkedIn and it is impacting their success. For example, many sales reps are using crappy introduction emails - "Nice to meet you. Can I have 15 minutes on your calendar" - and all of the recipients of those InMails are tired of getting them. What happens? The recipient deletes the message and the sales rep misses quota.

Our own Darryl Praill recently did a tell-all video explaining how he determines which people he responds to when he gets pitched on LinkedIn, and which he ignores.

So, we figure, why not bring in an expert to do a live learning session with us?

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