Ecommerce Scraping para mi abuela
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José Facchin José Facchin
Marc Cruells Marc Cruells
Posted Sep 15, 2021
Ecommerce Scraping para mi abuela
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When: Wednesday, December 2, 4:00 p.m. (Spanish time)

In this SE Ranking webinar we have Marc Cruells, Blackhat SEO and technical SEO, a professor at Webescuela, Teamplatino, etc ... With him, we are going to know some resources to scrape products from our distributors and add them to our store in a very simple and practical. José Facchin will also be with us.

Points to cover:

- Why and when we want to scrape products
- How we should do it to avoid legal problems
- Prepare our website to be SEOfriendly
- Simple scraping practice, with several examples (wp automatic)
- More complex scraping practice with several examples (wp automatic )
- Final reflection

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