Holistic SEO: 1 Killer Strategy to Win on 3 Big Search Engines
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Holistic SEO: 1 Killer Strategy to Win on 3 Big Search Engines
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Imagine an engine. See the cylinders firing off? The oil greasing the cogs? We think of the engine as one unified machine when in reality it's made of many moving parts.

It's the same for how you conceptualize search. Like an engine, search is composed of many parts including:
1. Channels: Every search triggers results that contain relevant keywords for a query.
2. Devices: The same user can visit the same website on multiple devices.
3. Needs: Different search engines cater to different needs.
4. Markets: Search behavior and SERP Features are unique.
5. Different platforms: Search engines are more than Google.

When all these parts work together to drive organic traffic, they create integrated SEO. Also called holistic SEO, this approach ensures your overall marketing strategy is working together and ultimately helps drive more traffic to your site.

The first step to incorporating integrated SEO into your content is to first understand the basics of search and search engines.

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