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How to effectively respond to customer complaints
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Customer complaints are timeless. No matter the size, nature, or success of your business, you'll always have at least a small percentage of people who aren't happy with what you do. The idea that you can't please everyone is as true today as it was a century ago.

But never before in history has it been easier for customers to complain. To criticize a business, customers don't have to take the time to talk with you. They can simply pick up their phone, type a few angry sentences, and hit send-via email, review sites like Yelp and Google, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, or any number of online forums and discussion boards.

And, unlike the old days, customers don't have to be loyal to any one business: They'll just Google your competitors. According to a customer service survey by American Express, more than a third of customers said they immediately consider switching companies after a single negative experience.

Since a customer service makes the backbone of any successful business, you can't afford to turn off a customer. To prevent this from happening, it's important to first understand what might be causing your customers to say, "I'm not buying anything from you again."

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