Marketing Post-GDPR: Two Tribes of Marketing
Posted May 18, 2018 28 min read
Marketing Post-GDPR: Two Tribes of Marketing
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How marketers have approached GDPR is split down the middle – 55% have taken a marketing-first approach and 45% have taken a legal-first approach.
There's a clear difference in the activities, expectations, perception and success of those that naturally put the customer at the heart of everything they do and those whose main driver is not falling foul of the regulation. Our research of over 300 marketers reveals what marketing-first businesses have been doing that puts them so far ahead of their legal-first counterparts.
We also surveyed over 3,000 consumers, and they're sceptical. They still do not trust businesses and a huge majority think companies will just find a way to get around the GDPR regulations. However, the outlook is far rosier for those with a marketing-first strategy. Not only are they significantly more optimistic about exceeding revenue targets, but over half of consumers are happy to engage and share their information if they think it'll result in relevant, tailored offers,
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