What is an Outbound Customer Service Representative (OCSR)?
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What is an Outbound Customer Service Representative (OCSR)?
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If you've ever found yourself wondering... "What's the difference between an OCSR and a CSR?" We get it. There's confusion and overlap between various sales titles used at different organizations. What's more, titles are often changing and adapting to industry trends.

The fast-growing, competitive nature of the SaaS industry has created an environment where new titles are needed to accommodate for completely new positions. What's more, (slightly) different titles – à la Sales Development Rep vs. Business Development Rep – are created to sound more relevant, modern, and in line with company values and culture.

If you're new to all this sales jargon, look no further! We've got you covered. Keep reading to find out exactly what an outbound customer success representative does, average salary for OCSRs, career outlook, and available OCSR jobs.

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