The Trusted Advisor Sales Engineer
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Posted Oct 4, 2022 54 min read
The Trusted Advisor Sales Engineer
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Sales and Pre Sales Engineering leaders across the world have used the Trusted Advisor label thousands of times over the past twenty-five years. Yet it really doesn't mean that much without a lot of explanation. You may be thinking about some of these questions right now. Becoming a Trusted Advisor is not as simple as it sounds, which is why so many organizations either never try, or make a half-hearted effort. Trusted Advisor – two words, five syllables and fifteen letters hide a massive complexity. So how exactly does a Sales Engineer become a Trusted Advisor to a Client? Can you measure the degree of that Trust? Does it make a difference in the Sales Process?

You'll be introduced to the Trust Equation and the five essential factors which create trust – Credibility, Reliability, Intimacy, Self-Orientation and Positivity. You will learn how to create your own Trust Scale and then measure your individual clients against that scale to create both a Trust Score and a plan to improve that score.