Simplifying Legal Contract Management
Posted May 11, 2021 17 min read
Simplifying Legal Contract Management
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Corporate legal teams are accelerating their adoption of digital solutions, like contract lifecycle management, to automate repetitive, manual processes. As a cost center with an increasingly important strategic role, legal is faced with increased demand, shrinking budgets and an often overextended workforce. This makes improving the customer experience, addressing legal team management, reducing liability and contributing to profits key priorities. Contract management improvements present a "practical, well-scoped and executable" opportunity to address these challenges and others caused by paper-based processes.

But how do you simplify a set of processes that can feel as complex as surgery and tedious as a three-hour Zoom meeting? The good news is that improving contracting doesn't require an all-or-nothing approach. Savvy legal teams can work at a departmental level to implement a phased approach to contracting improvements based identified priorities.
This paper walks you through a step-by-step process to eliminate contracting complexity.