Mastering Modern SMS Marketing
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Mastering Modern SMS Marketing
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When it comes to marketing channels, SMS is truly one of a kind.
Its genesis as a method for one-to-one communication between
individuals makes it quite possibly the most intimate and direct
messaging channel out there, with all the pros and cons that entails.
No other channel can compete with the engagement rates seen by
SMS-for instance, its 98% open rate or the fact that 90% of all
marketing messages sent in this channel are opened within three
minutes. For brands looking to share critical information, power
transactional messages, offer mobile exclusives, or enable two-way
communications, there's nothing like SMS.
But while SMS is a powerful tool for marketers, it can also be a
challenging one. This channel requires significant investment
and is highly regulated, with carriers and government agencies
enforcing strict rules around user opt-ins and message sends.
Plus, the intimacy of SMS can lead to recipient backlash if you're not
thoughtful about the messages you send. To get the full value of
SMS, you need to make sure you're up to speed on the nuances of
this channel and prepared to meet its challenges. Read on for a crash
course in all things SMS to help you make the right plans and ask the
right questions as you get underway.

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