How to get the most out of your chatbot with Brendan Hufford
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Posted Nov 3, 2021 5 min read
How to get the most out of your chatbot with Brendan Hufford
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A chatbot has become an indispensable marketing tool for SaaS and software companies. And it can benefit your business in many different ways, from engaging your customers to helping you gain a better understanding of their pain points and needs. But still, most companies fail to employ chatbots effectively. As a result, their chatbots come off as too pushy, incomplete, or irritating. You can easily avoid these rookie mistakes and use chatbots to your advantage. In this episode of the Content Logistics podcast, our host Camille Trent welcomes Brendan Hufford, the Founder of Growth Sprints, the former Growth Content Marketer at Active Campaign. Camille and Brendan get into the best chatbot openers, how to set them up to achieve your business goals and who can benefit the most from implementing chatbots.

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