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I like people. Which is good, since everywhere I go...there they are.

A quintessential teammate, working together harkens the days of yesteryear playing college basketball and winning national championships. I may have warmed more benches than I made baskets but I definitely learned one very important thing: together we all accomplish more. The teams I was on had no business even being in, let alone winning, these tournaments and yet we did - because we played together. The same concepts apply within business everyday.

Pushing 20 years in software, I've always worked directly with customers and have dedicated my career to helping my customer's achieve THEIR desired outcomes via THEIR chosen customer experience. Now I get to help numerous companies grow through various channels:

Portland Customer Success: Customer Success leadership as a service.
SuccessHACKER: The best in Customer Success training, education and talent placement. Overall B2B SaaS revenue development strategies, blueprints and playbooks.

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