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I remember the first time I realized that I had a true passion for storytelling. It was right after I passed out on the floor of a Hospital ER.

I was working on an assignment for my high school journalism class about a local institution. My neighbor, an ER nurse, allowed me to shadow her for an evening. It started slowly. I interviewed some doctors and nurses, and observed what was a rather slow evening. Until a woman came in with a sizable gash above her right eye. The nurses thought I would enjoy watching the doctor work, stitching the woman's cut back together. While I found it fascinating, I also found it nauseating. After a few short moments of watching, I hit the floor. After I recovered, the nurses kindly asked me "Honey, are you sure you want to be nurse?" "I don't want to be a nurse," I exclaimed, "I want to a journalist!"

While my career took me away from journalism many years ago, what drove me to my career in Marketing is the same thing that drove me to study journalism in the first place: my love for a good story. In my current role I get to tell stories about how advertising technology affects our whole world, influencing our buying decisions every day. I get to tell stories about how our clients' businesses went from just an idea to a household name. And I get to talk about how my company has been involved in all of it.

I take those stories that I love telling and activate them in as many ways as I can: through offline and digital media, paid and organic social media, email, events, and targeted, integrated campaigns. I work every day to ensure that our potential customers hear our stories, engage with them, and learn from them. All in the hopes that I can be a small part of what turns those companies into the next household name.

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