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Catie Ivey
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Empowerment as Leadership Philosophy with Catie Ivey
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Empowerment as Leadership Philosophy with Catie Ivey
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On a mission to elevate the profession of selling, to help sellers and sales leaders do it better, and to find ways to propel more women into the highest levels of leadership.

My career has always been about three driving factors:

1️⃣ Sellers

I love B2B sales. I stumbled into my first sales job completely by accident and I’ve been obsessed ever since. B2B sales is hard. The stress factor is immense. The likelihood of failure is high.

My mission as a sales leader is to help my reps become the absolute best versions of themselves they can possibly be, to tap into their own superpowers, and to learn how to create value and become indispensable business partners and trusted advisors.

2️⃣ Leaders

Leading sales teams is hard. Leading them WELL feels damn near impossible at times. There’s no single way to do it right, but there is certainly much that we can learn from one another.

And you don’t have to spend time with many sellers to quickly realize that we have failed them in so many ways. Front line sales leaders are the single biggest determinant of whether a B2B company will win or lose, and we don’t invest enough into helping them become great.

3️⃣ Women

The research is clear that companies with women in leadership positions are healthier at all levels, yet just 4% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women & women make up less than 19% of corporate boards.

Diversity makes us better. Diversity of opinion, perspective, personality type, skin color, and GENDER. WE have a long way to go in tech as a whole, and we have a long way to go to bridge the gender gap in sales leadership.

I believe that people are amazing, that connected and engaged teams are unstoppable, that most of us play way too small, and that our ability to make others better is where it all begins and ends.

I believe that great cultures produce great results, that empowered people empower others, and that there is no limit to what a team of gritty, hardworking, genuinely curious people can do when they are committed to winning together.

And I believe that it all starts with empowering our sellers and sales leaders to be the best they can possibly be and with getting more women into the game and helping them succeed at all levels.

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