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Storytelling in Sales: Becoming the Trusted Guide
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How to Use Storytelling in Sales to Create Memorable Cold Outreach
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Storytelling in Sales: Defining the Villain
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My passion is the math and science of story. The rhythms and tones of persuasive messaging. I believe that the purpose of Marketing is to persuade. Full stop. To connect problems and solutions so that buyers can clearly understand the offerings we sell in a way that compels them to buy from us.

My journey to find my calling began in software sales at companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Expedia, and American Express. After moving to my first startup I transitioned to leadership taking on Product and Content Marketing teams. I’ve had the privilege of being a small piece in a product that went from zero to over a billion dollar valuation.

I’m passionate about building teams as a people leader. Bringing together an island of misfit toys. Incredible professionals from various disciplines and backgrounds in order to create an orchestra of collaboration with the purpose of persuading customers to buy our products.

I believe in clear messaging. In risking in order to find new ways of persuasion. In applying creative methods to touch the minds and hearts of buyers.

Specialties: Sales Messaging, Marketing Positioning, Buyer Journey, People Leadership, Change Management, Executive Level Talks, C-Level Direct Sales, Channel Sales, Presentation Development & Execution

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