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I am an MBA educated Marketer and a Sales and Marketing technology advisor (tech stacks, CRM, sales engagement, content, etc.) I am passionate about advising and guiding fast growth start up and enterprise level companies that are forward thinking, mission oriented and people centric. Having worked in and around the B2B SaaS and technology sectors for over 20 years, I bring a unique understanding of technology markets, market shifts, and opportunities.

What sets me apart? I have the ability to see the big picture from a strategic level AND am able to go into the weeds and set up projects and deliverables to turn those strategies into reality. I have been called "Jacques-of-all-trades" for the proven ability to provide breadth and depth of cross-industry knowledge and expertise.

Fluent in French (although woefully out of practice) and I must admit I have several character qualities that may seem diametrically opposed (serious but funny, introverted yet personable, and I love process improvement, but I also like to roll up my sleeves and do a lot of things the hard/old fashioned way.)

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