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How To Build Your Content Strategy From Scratch?
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A modern marketer has to respect the delicate balance between what needs to be said and what needs to be heard, and then design content, systems, and channels to bridge that gap.

I believe the current moment in marketing requires a unique aggregate competency of scientific (math and data) + artistic (creative) + technological (martech) talents. To do the job right, modern marketers must possess an understanding of the data and measurement strategies needed to support the business, the artistry and creativity required to help generate new ideas and to inspire and engage prospects, and the technological proficiency to build the right mix of enabling systems that speak to one another and help complete an efficient, connected, and well-oiled marketing engine.

I own growth marketing- from content marketing to program and campaign design, customer marketing to partner marketing, digital marketing and events, all the way to business systems. The overall goal is always the same: to support and promote the cause of clear communication and deep engagement at all levels. My professional background reflects experience with every angle of marketing and corporate communications, and I proudly bring that uniquely holistic approach to my work every day.

I educate and evangelize for a prudent blend of emerging and traditional media; new technologies and platforms coupled with more traditional vehicles. As a result, I create and deliver compelling content and robust systems that reach the right audience with the right message, through the right medium, at the right time.

Specialties: multi-touch attribution, integrated marketing, writing, editing, branding, social media marketing, customer lifecycle marketing, content strategy and development, content operations, corporate events management, management training, internal communications, analytics and campaign measurement, presentation skills training, video production, podcasting, blogging, sales communications, and executive communications.

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