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Attention Sales Leaders...These Three Blind Spots Could Be Holding Back Your Sales Team!
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The 15 Best Sales Podcasts for Any Sales Pro to Grow (and Thrive!)
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The 15 Best Sales Podcasts for Any Sales Pro to Grow (and Thrive!)
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INSIDE Inside Sales Podcast Recap for July 2019

If there is ever a time to recapture and get reacquainted with your heart, it is right now.

We all have stories? How well are you sharing your story? How many are even listening?

My journey started in 2014. I was facing the challenge of prospecting for new business in one of the country’s most competitive markets. I secured over $1.3 million in new business by integrating the use of social, authenticity and giving a rip.

I firmly believe in life we all have our “a-ha” moment. The success I had with social has been mine. I have the bumps, bruises and scars to prove it.

The greatest fulfillment in life is when I give back to others. We live in a technology-driven world. However, the foundations of all we do are built on human-to-human interaction.

I envision a sales world where authenticity, integrity and heart are brought to the forefront.

In these challenging, turbulent and uncertain times, we must bring our hearts to what we do.

How do you stand out? Today’s buyer being digitally savvy, is armed with instant access to information on Google and pre-screens reps based on what they find online.

Buyers have the ability to weed out salespeople via social outlets before they even meet. Sales professionals must position themselves as helpful experts. Being helpful and being seen as an expert becomes a catalyst in changing the perception of how sales professionals are viewed.

What makes you any different from all the other salespeople out there?

How well are you connecting and relating to your clients?

Mention the Los Angeles Dodgers if you would like to get to my heart.

My promise is to coach you with the same accountability and playbook I developed which led to amazing results.

No B.S. No fluff. All heart. All through a practitioners viewpoint. You will learn why being REAL, RELEVANT and RELATABLE matters

► A heartfelt & human social presence invites conversation
► Integrating social into every phase of the sales and client management process does matter
► Creating authentic client relationships matter
► Relationship funnels fuel sales funnels
► A personal value framework matters
► Recharge and reactivate relationships matters

With servant leadership, I bring my heart, my spirit, extreme focus, authenticity and dedication; supported by my understanding of what a day in the life of a sales professional is like.

I do this because I care. I do this because it makes a difference.

Are you ready to refuel, restore and reboot your relationships?

My mission is to help your sales team sell more! Always here to help 805.907.5947

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