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The answer is YES - I have really sold speedos, and YES, I sold a LOT of them! However, let's start from the beginning..

I was born in Oregon to two Chinese immigrant parents that came to America with dreams of building a future. Given the poor background I grew up in with my two sisters, EVERYONE pitched in to survive.

I eventually put myself through college and went to work for two international Fortune 500 companies over the next decade.

I started as the worst rep in the company and I second-guessed myself daily. With zero training and trying to sell during the 2007 Recession, I thought about quitting many times.

Despite struggling mentally, I eventually figured it out and was fortunate to achieve some success..

In my 14 years of working in Corporate America, I broke many sales records, won awards trips and trophies, hired/trained/coached/mentored thousands of people, promoted to a Regional Director of Sales over 11 teams of 110+ employees for a $6.8B Fortune 500 organization, and was consistently recognized nationally as one of the top leaders every single year.

As a result of my fortunate business success fueled by a little luck, a LOT of hustle, and PLENTY of mistakes, here are a few other notable accomplishments:

📈Promoted 10x in 10 years with two Fortune 500 companies
📈Ranked in the top percentile in every role
📈Hired, trained, and developed teams that have sold $700M+ over the last 10 years!
📈Performed at the level of creating double-digit YOY sales growth every single year!
📈Sent 50+ employees to President's Club/Diamond Level
📈Promoted 30+ employees to leadership roles (Sales Manager, GM, Director, Senior Sales Roles)

I eventually left the corporate world due to my passion to give back to the world.

I realized to truly SELL is to SERVE at the HIGHEST LEVEL.

I launched Venli Consulting Group in 2019 to help B2B sales professionals to sell more and sell better. More importantly, to SERVE at the highest level!

I've been featured in Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, CNBC, LinkedIn Top Voice - Sales, LinkedIn's Top 8 Sales Experts, Salesforce’s Top Sales Influencers, and I’m an official member on the Forbes Business Council.

If you'd like to sell more and earn an ADDITIONAL $50K-100K+ this year, here are 3 ways I can help:

1⃣ Watch my free webinar here:

2⃣ Join my free private community of 2400+ members to access 20+ hours of Sales training:

3⃣ Send me a message to work together!

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