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Are you frustrated with the delays it takes within your internal marketing team to get content created for your Demand Gen, Customer Marketing or Communication needs?

I may be the solution to your problems.

For example, a billion dollar construction software company hired me to create from scratch an email nurture program for their mid-market and enterprise prospects. This included email and landing page copy for 10 segments (by position, stage, etc.). All told it was more than 200 emails and 150 landing pages. And it needed to be done in less than a month so they could launch it in the 4th Qtr.

Another example is a Bay-area tech company that was launching a new product in two weeks and needed an explainer video quickly created.

Or there was the cybersecurity conferences and news company that I helped launch a podcast from scratch in less than a month. It is now so successful, ad revenue pays its costs.

The list could go on, and I am happy to share, but you get the idea.

You need to generate leads. Quickly. You’ve got the budget for hiring help, but you don’t want to get entwined in some agency relationship where the creatives wow you in a pitch and then pass the work on to a junior marketer (who then pings you with so many questions that you might as well have done the job yourself). And who knows how long it will be before your content team can get to your project.

I generally work with Directors of Demand Generation, Vice Presidents of Customer Marketing or Vice Presidents of Corporate Marketing. I am happy to introduce you to past clients who you can ask how I work, would they work with me again and did the work I create, whether copy, video or podcast, worth the investment.

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