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Secrets of Success Among the Top 1% Sellers with Scott Ingram
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Secrets of Success Among the Top 1% Sellers with Scott Ingram
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My passion lives at the intersection of marketing, sales and technology. I’m driven by the need to make significant contributions: To my clients, my work, and for my family and community. This is why I'm at Relationship One.

After joining Eloqua in 2011, which went public and was later acquired by Oracle, I was able to see the impact Relationship One had on my clients. The last role I held before leaving Oracle was as a Strategic Account Executive where I managed the Eloqua client relationships with some of our most important clients, like: Dow Chemical, United Health Group, Ameriprise, and General Mills. Those clients who were actively working with Relationship One were the most successful in their Marketing Automation efforts.

Now I have the opportunity to serve not just Eloqua clients with the help of an amazing team of marketing geeks (strategic consultants, integrators, developers, and analytics experts), but also companies who have adopted other parts of the Oracle Marketing Cloud (BlueKai, Maxymizer, Responsys, SRM, Compendium) as we’ve expanded our full-stack offering as the OMC’s only exclusive SI and best practices consulting firm.

The other thing that I’m absolutely loving is hosting the Inspired Marketing Podcast, which features stories of marketers' transformational success using Oracle Marketing Cloud solutions. You can find it on iTunes or your favorite podcast player. Message me with your feedback!

Connecting dots is what I do. If you think I can help you and your organization by connecting you to the right members of the Relationship One team, let’s talk. Likewise, if you feel there are others ways we can help each other connect some dots of value, please reach out.

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