Google Index Checker: Is Your Site Indexed? Find Out!
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Posted May 4, 2020 7 min read
Google Index Checker: Is Your Site Indexed? Find Out!
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Google's search index features hundreds of billions of pages, which the search giant uses to answer more than 70,000 searches per second. That's a lot of searches, and a lot of pages. What really matters, however, is if your site is in Google's index.

If you're wondering, "Is my site indexed?" you're asking a great question.

With our Google index checker tool - try it here - you can get that question answered fast. This bulk index checker looks at your entire site in seconds and determines how many pages exist in Google's index, which gives you a quick, simple answer to your question. Try our Google indexed pages checker now!

Or, keep reading to learn what this free tool does, as well as how to use it to check your site's index status. Plus, get some additional information on search engine indexing.

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