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Emily Brady Claimed
We Produce Podcasts for B2B Brands | Creative Content Lead @ Sweet Fish
I’m a young professional who loves Jesus, people, and good stories. I also love marketing. I’m on a journey to find the most effective way to build out our employee advocacy program at Sweet Fish Media, and I also make a lot of silly TikTok videos 😆 Follow me for actionable insights on: 👉 Employee Advocacy 👉 Social Media 👉 B2B Marketing
Jason Grunberg Claimed
Chief Marketing Officer at CM Group
Experienced marketing professional with a proven ability to create clear, actionable strategies. Background combines content, engagement, digital and core brand strategy across a wide range of industries including spirits, healthcare, business services, technology, finance and engineering. Specialties: Brand planning/strategy and extensions including channel, innovation, licensing, partnership, promotion, event, digital, social, mobile, content, internal and external communications. Skills: Client services, account management, project management, RFP response development, proposal writing, creative direction and vendor management in traditional and digital platforms.
Ali Schwanke Claimed
CEO & Founder at Simple Strat | Host of HubSpot Hacks | Podcast Producer
Marketing Strategist, HubSpot Enthusiast, and all around B2B content creator. Host of the popular YouTube Tutorial series "HubSpot Hacks". Podcast co-host of Marketing Unboxed, and podcast producer for the Medical Sales Accelerator.
Katelyn Bourgoin Claimed
CEO of Customer Camp // Stop Guessing. Market Smarter.
Do you know *exactly* which customers to target and what fuels their buying decisions? If not, growth will always feel painfully slow. I can help. Hey, I’m Katelyn Bourgoin. I'm a marketer by trade and a 4X founder by choice. My specialty is helping growth-hungry teams figure out what triggers customers to buy so they can market smarter. I've been called an "influential entrepreneur" by Forbes and named as one of the "top 20 wonder women of SaaS marketing and growth." I’ve run my own branding agency—reeling in clients like Target and Holiday Inn—built and sold a restaurant consulting business in under 2 years, and founded a VC-backed tech company that Inc. Magazine once called “the next LinkedIn” (spoiler: that last one didn’t quiiiiiiite go as planned). Over the years, I’ve been featured in Forbes, Inc., USA Today, HuffPost, CBC, CTV, Bustle, and more. That's my professional highlight reel... but what does any of it really mean? And why should you give a damn? Well, it means that I've been in the game long enough—and made enough mistakes along the way—that I know some stuff. I founded Customer Camp because I was sick and tired of watching smart people struggle. We help teams to focus on what matters most, yet is often neglected: deeply understanding their customers. After all... whoever gets closer to the customer wins.
James Gilbert Claimed
CMO RedRoute | 3X CMO | Author | Revenue Executive | Podcast Host | Speaker
I believe in serving a team not the other way around (thank you Kyle Lacy for always keeping us honest here) As an avid learner, I believe we can always learn from one another (thank you Thomas Loving for keeping me humble) All I want is to build a reputation that helps people, one that people admire and aspire to. As a Board member in the PEAK community, an active member in Pavillion, and more. I am committed to helping the future of marketing innovate and future marketers grow into business leaders. I love the journey as much as the end goal. Personal Website: The personal side of me: I am a father of 4 with an amazing wife, this is what drives me. I am a sports enthusiast & Utah Jazz fan #takenote. I strive to give without asking for something in return. I live to inspire and impact lives in a meaningful way. I believe the biggest gap in today's world is our lack of being human even when there are differences. I have a passion that runs deep for serving and growing the teams I am a part of. I am experienced in scaling start-ups from Series A to C | Growing revenue impact at mid-market & enterprises | 20+ year track record leading and orchestrating growth, CX, data, culture, communities, and more. Author: Leading Through The Pandemic Podcast Host. 4x: Spamming Zero, Banking on Experience, Sweets of CX, and Marketing Cupcakes Community Leader: PEAK CMO
fio Claimed
Editorial lead @ Wildbit | Editor in chief @ contentfolks
Hey, 👋 I’m fio (fee-oh). I do content things & talk about: - Product-led content - Content strategy - Why em dashes are the best punctuation mark of all time I publish a content marketing newsletter called contentfolks every other Wednesday. It's a blend of sticky notes, big content ideas, and small practical examples to help you create content that sparks action and truly serves its audience. Come and say hi! → ✉️
Hiba Amin Claimed
Senior Marketing Manager, Demand Gen at TestBox
Experienced marketing professional with a proven track record of driving business results through conversion-driven marketing campaigns, sales and marketing alignment, and demand generation initiatives.
Jay Acunzo Claimed
Podcast Host, Unthinkable | Author, Speaker, Tinkerer
I host the podcast Unthinkable, write the weekly newsletter Playing Favorites, and develop podcasts and docuseries for mission-driven brands, authors, and entrepreneurs. I'm also a frequent keynote speaker, and the author of the book Break the Wheel. It is my personal, professional mission to help others make work that matters -- to their careers, their companies, and their communities. I see creativity as a form of problem solving and leadership. It's a means of raising your hand to lead and investigate and improve things, and I want to help others frame their work as such. That can help us see the work and the world better and differently. Before becoming a content entrepreneur, I held marketing and media roles at Google, HubSpot, and the VC firm NextView. My biggest ambition and maybe grandest delusion is to be the Anthony Bourdain of business storytelling :)
Jonathan Gandolf Claimed
Co-Founder & CEO | The Juice
Jonathan's career path has gone from digital marketing, to craft beer, to healthcare analytics before launching into the world of entrepreneurship with The Juice. While these experiences don't seem related, a diverse skill set and unique perspective are now an advantage as their team is creating a new way to think about B2B marketing. The Juice, built to modernize B2B content marketing, solves a problem he's fought at every step of the journey.
Brett McGrath Claimed
VP of Marketing: The Juice | Host of Modern Day Marketer | Host of Stacking Slabs Podcast for Sports Card Collectors and Investors
I've spent 12 years in the B2B SaaS industry in various marketing functional and leadership roles. I wake up every day thinking about messaging and positioning, sales alignment, demand generation, and content creation. I am highly focused on building out go-to-market strategies that elevate the organization's brand and develop sales pipeline. I am results driven and believe it's all about bringing in the right people. I write about modern day marketing, brand building, content distribution, and content marketing.
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