DocuSign eSignature for Certified EHRs
DocuSign eSignature for Certified EHRs
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Digitalization of the manual patient intake paperwork process enables patients, employees and
clinicians to save time, lower costs, reduce errors and create an all-around easier experience. Patients
need flexibility, accessibility features and conveniences to complete necessary forms, HIPAA releases
and consents. With DocuSign eSignature for Certified EHRs, patients can digitally fill out intake
paperwork anywhere. Once completed electronically, these documents will be automatically uploaded
into the Electronic Health Record (EHR) or your document management solution.

DocuSign eSignature for Certified EHRs, powered by Kno2's
Interoperability as a Service™ capabilities, improves the
patient or legal representative experience by providing a
touchless digital admissions process. Any provider with
a certified EHR that includes DirectTrust Direct Secure
Messaging (DIRECT) can leverage DocuSign's partnership
with Kno2 to automate patient intake paperwork, HIPAA
releases and consents. Preparing intake packets, signing the
patient forms and storing the signed forms via your EHR and
DocuSign can all occur seamlessly and digitally. By automating
the patient intake process, your staff will reduce their
administrative burden, attain documents quicker and be able
to spend more time with patients.