Effective advertising techniques specifically for small business
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Effective advertising techniques specifically for small business
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Today, smart marketing is no longer just about creating a TV commercial, magazine ad, or killer radio spot. Consumers are now finding new products and services on the web thanks to a slew of digital platforms, from mobile advertising and social media campaigns to influential blog referrals.

What does that mean for the small business owner? Large corporations could once use the deep pockets to dominate print, television and radio advertising. But increasingly, so-called "traditional media" is reaching fewer and fewer people as effectively as it used to. Radio disrupted print, and television disrupted radio. Now digital media is disrupting all of the above.

All of this disruption means that if you're savvy, you can get a lot of marketing bang for your buck. But you'll have to be very targeted in how you use your marketing dollars.

So what's a small business to do?