How to combine social media with email for productive marketing campaigns
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How to combine social media with email for productive marketing campaigns
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Many marketing experts predicted that social media would explode between 2015 and 2018. No one would argue that it has continued to play an amazing role in the political arena ramping up with the 2016 elections, straight through to today. But, is it still producing productive marketing campaigns for everyone else? Can the everyday internet start-up company hit their target goals?

Yes, online advertising is great. But, when a mobile app development company wants to expand brand awareness, then social media is still the key go-to strategy. Better yet, it will make or break upstart app development companies. The beauty of social media is that it is proactive, as well as interactive and it brings in the target audience even before they know they have something to search for.

A better question is, "Is email marketing still the go-to strategy for a productive marketing campaign?" Email marketing has struggled to redefine itself over the last few years. Even more marketing experts have expressed an opinion that email is dead. Now among the most forward-thinking market analysts, the buzz is that the most successful marketing plans combine social media and email.

Although social media tends to be the focal point of many people's lives today, the professional who is most often the target of a new mobile app development company is checking their email several times a day. Embedding social media share into a well-directed email marketing campaign will open up a wide range of brand awareness expanding opportunities. Keap can help in this endeavor.