6 Benchmarks to Outperform Digital Job and Career Websites
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6 Benchmarks to Outperform Digital Job and Career Websites
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If you're an Olympic athlete, does a personal best mean anything on its own?

Sure, you've outdone yourself, but the truth is, you're only the best in the world if you can compare your score to others. That's what really matters for digital marketers and analysts.

This concept is key when it comes to judging how well your marketing strategy is actually performing. While you may be able to conduct an internal analysis to quantify your performance, this data won't be very useful if you can't correlate it to other companies in your industry.

In the world of online classifieds, marketing benchmarking tools give you the data you need to snag the gold medal and outperform your competitors. This article will dive deep into the job and career website metrics you need to monitor, including industry benchmarks to help you build an effective content marketing strategy.

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