YouTube SEO Guide: How to Rank on YouTube and Attract Viewers
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YouTube SEO Guide: How to Rank on YouTube and Attract Viewers
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One of my first memories of a successful YouTube SEO project is when I worked at an agency. We had a client selling alcohol online and they had these amazing cocktail-making videos.

Despite the high quality of the videos and the engaging content, they didn't rank well and didn't get the traffic and views the client had hoped. This was my chance to test my YouTube video optimization skills – I gave it my best shot.

Sure enough, after implementing everything I knew about SEO for YouTube videos, the ranking shot up, and the traffic to the client's YouTube channel (and consequently to their site) surged, as awareness to their brand increased. After a while, the industry knew this was the brand with the coolest cocktail videos.

Video had become a big thing in online marketing even before I joined Similarweb as an SEO manager. And when we got into the habit of creating videos, people came to me with all kinds of SEO-related questions like the ones you'll find below. I knew how to answer most, but honestly, some never occurred to me.

So, I collected the questions, and together with Robin Morley, our video marketing expert, we dug up all the answers to these smart questions and created a complete YouTube SEO guide for the company.

So here I am sharing with you everything we've learned from experience and investigating. Get our expert advice, It's really everything you need to know to get your videos to rank well on YouTube.

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