Connecting the clinical research ecosystem - part trois
Connecting the clinical research ecosystem - part trois
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I recently discussed how we are helping our customers to "knit" their systems together to support automated business processes and partner extensions in Clinical One that go beyond just sharing the same data between two systems to tactical user experience improvements. Now, in this third installment, I introduce a customer story.

Speaking earlier this year at the Oracle Health Sciences Connect virtual event, Sabrina Steffen, head of innovation, Data Sciences Safety and Regulatory for IQVIA said it is impossible to handle today's data with traditional processes involving manual data entry and tools like spreadsheets. The complexity increases so rapidly that "no one person could keep ahead of it, and so a company won't be able to keep up with market demands."

The diversity and volume of data in clinical trials has outpaced the ability of traditional data management approaches utilized at life science organizations. Companies that want to stay ahead of this torrent of data – and derive valuable insights from it – need to adopt a new approach to data management, said Steffen.

The solution that IQVIA has implemented is one that takes the view that data must be treated as its own entity, separate from the processes a CRO operates using the data. That means assigning specialists devoted to creating and maintaining a central data repository that feeds every part of the organization.