Oracle Extends its Cloud CX Ecosystem
Oracle Extends its Cloud CX Ecosystem
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In March, Merriam-Webster made the fastest update in its history. In just seven days, the term "COVID-19" – along with others that have become common in our dialogue such as "social distancing" and "contact tracing" – became a defined word in the English language and gave us guidance to refer to what our world was facing.

In the business world, the term "stay-at-home stock" is also new. Wall Street and everyday investors are betting on companies and technologies that are enabling our daily lives. Examples of these so-called "stay-at-home stocks" include home-office companies that help employees connect and collaborate while offices are closed, and consumer tech and fitness companies that entertain us as gyms, movie theaters, and recreational businesses shuttered worldwide.

These stocks largely advanced because they helped businesses meet a new set of customer demands, and I'm proud to say several of our ISV partners are at the forefront of accelerating these changes.

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