How Cryptocurrency News Tracks Market Moves
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David F. Carr David F. Carr
How Cryptocurrency News Tracks Market Moves

The ups, downs, and evolution of cryptocurrency are increasingly covered by mainstream media and traditional investor news publications, but to really dig into them, investors turn to news and information sites dedicated to crypto.

Similarweb evaluated the most visited Crypto-related news sites and found:

1. CoinMarketCap is a giant in this niche, attracting 549.8 million visits in January, according to Similarweb estimates.
2. CoinDesk traffic spiked to 63.8 million visits in May 2021, the month of a crash in the price of Bitcoin. Exploding demand for crypto news is a pattern we see in every boom and bust.
3. CoinMarketCap attracted more than 272 million visits or four times CoinDesk's total.