PPC Metrics: 5 Key Paid Search Metrics to Watch
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Macy Storm Macy Storm
Posted Jul 11, 2021 10 min read
PPC Metrics: 5 Key Paid Search Metrics to Watch
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You were super excited to launch your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign and start driving valuable leads for your business. After launching your campaign, you waited a few weeks to see if your campaign delivered any results. Now, when you log in, you're immediately overwhelmed by all the PPC metrics.

Impressions. Clicks. Conversions.

Average Position. The list of paid search metrics goes on, and you're unsure what you should look at for your campaign. Before you resort to tracking every metric in your dashboard, take a breath, and learn about the most influential PPC metrics to watch.

On this page, we share five pay-per-click metrics you'll want to monitor for your campaign. These aren't the only Google Ads metrics you'll want to look at, but they're fundamental to PPC.

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