Why Now is the Time to Leap Off the Trapeze Board
Why Now is the Time to Leap Off the Trapeze Board

For the past 12 years, my family and I have vacationed together at a resort in Florida. Like many all-inclusive getaways, it offers a multitude of activities for guests, like golf, swimming, and snorkeling. What makes this particular resort stand out is that it also includes a trapeze rig-not exactly your typical vacation pastime.

The first time I passed by the rig, I was shocked by the height of the tower. I thought the people climbing up that pole must be crazy. It looked too scary, too risky, with too many opportunities for something to go disastrously wrong.

Of course, these are all the same risks we think about when making a business change. As someone who has managed a lot of projects in her day, I can tell you that the fear of plummeting to the ground applies to work as well as life-even when there's a safety net there to catch you.

But as I stood there looking up, watching people fly through the air, I started to think, "I need to try that." It looked like too much fun to miss out on. With an experienced staff to shepherd me through the process, the benefits would certainly outweigh the risks in the end.

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