Introducing Intent Signals For Better Marketing And Sales Strategies | Zymplify
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Introducing Intent Signals For Better Marketing And Sales Strategies | Zymplify
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Marketing technology is advancing at a remarkable pace with evolving consumer trends and increasing access to customer data. Businesses that embrace data in their strategies, learn how to manage all the information, analyse the data and act on the insights can achieve considerable competitive advantage

Todays' buyers are presented with marketing and sales content from a variety of channels, multiple times a day. This constant bombardment of information leaves your consumers in a state of content shock, where they receive ever-increasing amounts of content that intersects with their capacity to consume it.

Customers are becoming savvier about the marketing communications they receive and the content they choose to consume, so to ensure your content stands out and grabs their attention, it must be highly relevant to their needs.

It must be exactly what they are looking for, right where they are looking for it.

Precision strategies, be it sales or marketing rely on precision data. Access to all types of consumer data can give you the insight you need for successful prospecting.

Buyer intent signals in particular can provide invaluable insights into where your prospects are in their customer journey and in turn guide your marketing and sales strategies.

Here are 6 types of B2B intent signals that you should track for better precision sales and marketing strategies

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