Lokalise Case Study
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Emils Veveris Emils Veveris
Posted May 15, 2021 4 min read
Lokalise Case Study
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Lokalise is a localization and translation management platform that enables agile teams to move faster with automation and workflow transparency.
When Lokalise approached Omniscient Digital, they had an amazing product and strong traction in the localization software space. They were in the process of raising their Series A funding round and were looking for ways to drive faster growth.
The localization software space doesn't have a lot of search volume so Lokalise decided they needed to target a broader range of topics that were tangentially related to localization.

Before working with Omniscient, the Lokalise team had worked with guest writers, copywriters, and freelancers but they never achieved the quality they expected. This content required multiple rounds of feedback and edits. In some cases, they felt as if it may have been easier if they wrote the content themselves. Certainly, there was a level of expertise and quality missing from what they were getting.
The Omniscient team followed a four-step process to determine the right strategy to help Lokalise grow blog organic traffic