Practical Steps to Improve Content Operations featuring Angus Edwardson
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Practical Steps to Improve Content Operations featuring Angus Edwardson

"Content isn't just king. It's the whole kingdom when you're talking about digital transformation."

These are the words from content expert Angus Edwardson, Co-founder at GatherContent by Bynder.

In this episode of The Content Cocktail Hour, Host Jonathan Gandolf and Angus discuss the evolution of content operations, particularly focusing on the impact that content strategy has had on digital transformation, the role it plays in business at the strategic C-suite level, and how treating content as a strategic investment has become a prominent consideration for large enterprises. Tune in to learn the steps to revolutionizing your content strategy for success.

In this episode, you'll learn:

- Embrace a 'content first' strategy by prioritizing an understanding of your business and its information architecture to align content with design effectively
- Analyze your current content operations to identify inefficiencies and adapt operating practices similar to those of product and technology teams to foster agility and speed in content delivery
- Leverage AI for operational efficiencies and automation, while focusing on creating real human connections and utilizing proprietary data for unique marketing strategies