HubSpot workflows vs sequences: When to use each
Posted Mar 19, 2020
HubSpot workflows vs sequences: When to use each
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Workflows and sequences in HubSpot can often be confused for one and other. They both feature automation tasks like nurturing leads, automating tedious sales and notifying team members, etc. So when do you use each?

While similar, these tools have many distinct differences. HubSpot sequences replace one-to-one functions inside the CRM – replacing a lot of that tedious sales follow up "by hand". Sequences in HubSpot are often used by sales teams to establish a connection with a lead through a series of follow-ups. Sequences could also be used to set up an email series to remind a customer to renew through their sales rep.

Workflows on the other hand, are most often used by marketers (or in some companies, by customer service teams). Workflows are triggered by all sorts of different activities or field properties in your internal and external processes. Some of the workflow triggers include deal status alerts in HubSpot, email nurturing for someone who's requested more information, activity alerts, lead assignments, and more!

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