Traffic Sources for the Entire Internet. Where's Social?
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Traffic Sources for the Entire Internet. Where's Social?
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Here at Similarweb, our specialty is competitive intelligence and most users apply our data to small collections of websites. We help users love their competitors by learning from their online strategy.

But at our core, we are a big data company. As I type this now, just across the room, teams of the best data scientists in the industry are nose deep in Hadoop, keeping our racks of servers humming in order to slice and dice the data that you see as Similarweb. But what if we did less slicing and more chunking? What if we wanted to look at what traffic looks like on the internet as a whole?

Digging into our industry leading user panel, we aggregated classification data on the types of traffic sources for the top 100,000 global domains. This gave us an interesting, wide angle, perspective on trends and numbers that we typically only show for individual domains.

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