The Seller Experience Handbook [eBook]
Posted Dec 14, 2022
The Seller Experience Handbook [eBook]
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The Seller Experience Handbook is the original playbook for operationalizing seller engagement as a revenue strategy.

The way sellers think and feel about your organization doesn't just impact their motivation and output, but how they interact with buyers. Seller Experience is intrinsically linked to customer experience- but too many organizations punt seller engagement and job satisfaction to HR, where it gets buried under broader employee experience initiatives.

Unless HR is fully entrenched in the complexity of modern sales teams, they're ill-equipped to tackle sources of friction that inhibit sellers from bringing their A-game and delivering the standout experiences buyers have come to expect.

Seller Experience isn't an HR function- it's a revenue function. You need to aggressively implement processes, resources, and practices to operationalize a standout experience for your sellers- so it can flow directly to your buyers– starting from the top down.