Tip of the week 42- 5 Tips to expand your email list
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Tip of the week 42- 5 Tips to expand your email list

Suppose your work is making too many phone calls to different people. What becomes the most essential component in your work then?

It's simple, your contact list.

What then is the most important component in the work of an email marketer?

You guessed it right, again the winner is, 'contact list.'

What misfortune can befall on an email marketer with a low or limited number of contact lists?

It will be like being a sailor and moving around an island repeatedly. It doesn't really expand the horizon of possibilities. And in the case of an email marketer it doesn't increase the chances of higher ROI.

It should be the second nature of an email marketer to try and expand the contact lists. To guide in such ventures, here are five tips to help you expand your email lists in ethical ways.

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