6 Steps to Maximise Your G2 Buyer Intent Data | Zymplify
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6 Steps to Maximise Your G2 Buyer Intent Data | Zymplify
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If potential customers are checking you or your competitor's products on G2's website, it demonstrates clear buying intent signals. These buying signals will tell you the name of the company searching, the number of visits and the sectors/competitors they are researching. G2's own research has indicated that 60%+ of people visiting their site close the purchase cycle within 60 days, so the intent signals are strong! While this is great information for a lot of businesses, the challenge is what do you do with it? The data highlights companies that are showing strong buyer intent signals, but how do you operationalise that insight? These opportunities are not yet in a contactable state where it can be forwarded to your sales team to easily connect or follow up with the companies – so how can you market or sell to these companies with ease? To solve this problem G2 and Zymplify have partnered to provide a seamless solution to maximise and operationalise your G2 buyer intent data. Zymplify's G2 Intent tool automatically takes your G2 buyer intent data and reveals relevant prospects' contact details. You can then automatically market to these prospects, nurturing them through the buying funnel, to forward to your sales team when qualified.

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