Best proposal software products compared
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Posted Mar 7, 2024 25 min read
Best proposal software products compared

Let's face it: crafting winning proposals isn't exactly a straightforward process. Between wrangling subject matter experts (SMEs), digging through disorganized content libraries and scrambling to meet tight deadlines, it's no wonder proposal professionals can spend a whopping 40 hours per week on a single RFP. For sales leaders, the process of putting together bids for potential clients and crafting winning proposals isn't much different. In today's competitive landscape, where $11 trillion of revenue is won every year through RFPs, missing the mark means missing out on major opportunities and thwarting the growth trajectory of your business. Whether you're leading a proposal response team at a large enterprise or are a one-person show fielding RFPs and quote requests at a small business with big aspirations, proposal software will be an absolute game-changer. Stacked with tools like automation, AI content generation, collaborative workflows and powerful insights, the best proposal software products will bring much-needed efficiency to a process that's so vital to business – but one that's too often tedious, repetitive and convoluted. In this post, we'll explore the best proposal software products, covering their strengths, weaknesses and how they stack up against each other. As any proposal professional knows, time is of the essence, so let's dive in!

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