Top 3 Trends from a CX Nerd
Top 3 Trends from a CX Nerd
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If I've captured your attention by this title, I'll do my best to keep it. How do "CX" and "Nerd" come together? I'm obsessed with helping companies create better customer experiences and using Oracle's technology to drive these experiences. It's just CRM, right?

I'm a huge nerd at heart. I'm curious about trends around business, technology and may have a special hoard of electronics that I've collected from years of being an "early adopter." Remember the Palm Pilot, with its stylus? When I got one, I thought I was the coolest kid on the block when I attached it to my belt. When I pulled out my electronic notebook with a pensive look on my face, I was ready to conquer the world.
I feel that same way about CX today. The reality is that CX is not just CRM. Some of the largest companies around the world have evolved the very definition of what CX is by not just acquiring technology for its own function, but are also paving the way to lessons learned and best practices - much like my Palm Pilot on my belt.

These CX decisions and strategies have made a huge impact to the business's revenue and are driving the pace of innovation in our digital world. How cool is that?
From one CX Nerd to another, I give you 3 top CX trends.

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