The Beginner's Guide to Email Marketing Basics
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Posted Apr 19, 2021 8 min read
The Beginner's Guide to Email Marketing Basics
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Sean's browsing the Internet when he sees a paid ad in his Google results. Seeing the "Ad" label, though, he ignores it. He does the same with the banner ad on the first site he visits.

Then Sean sees an email in his inbox from the website he visited two weeks ago, reminding him that he never completed his purchase. Remembering what he had been meaning to buy, Sean returns to the website to finish checking out. In this scenario, email marketing proved the most effective method of driving conversion for Sean.

As effective as methods like paid advertising are for many users, email marketing can often drive results in a way other ads can't. But how do you go about developing an email marketing strategy for your own business? Below, we'll lay out a simple email marketing guide, so you really understand how to do email marketing.

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