Dopamine detective: The redemption of Aris Kinnas
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Aris Kinnas Aris Kinnas
Dopamine detective: The redemption of Aris Kinnas
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Aris Kinnas is in the business of doling out dopamine hits.

Not by any illicit means, mind you, but with simple and easy digital experiences for customers of Foxtel, a leading media brand in Australia.

"The difference between a good experience and a bad experience is where the customers coming to the website have done exactly what they wanted," said Kinnas, Foxtel's director of digital. "It's a constant battle to make sure everything we're building is simple and easy. ... Neuroscience tells us there's a dopamine hit that makes us really happy and excited that we actually got through an experience."

Kinnas' adept understanding of the power of a dopamine hit is just one reason the company won the 2020 Adobe Experience Maker Award for "The Advocate." This category recognizes a team that overcame a significant challenge – in Foxtel's case, competing against a growing list of streaming-video content providers – by embracing a customer-first approach to digital transformation using Adobe Experience Cloud technology. (Note: I was the emcee for the awards.)


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