Get Creatives in Your DAM Business for Incredible Customer Experiences
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Get Creatives in Your DAM Business for Incredible Customer Experiences

Chances are you're trapped inside at your desk, so let me paint a relaxing picture for you - it's 73 degrees at the golf course, and nothing but bright blue sky and green grass await as you step into your stall at the driving range. You tee up your first ball and hit an absolute beauty dead center down the range. You're excited to replicate that success with your next ball and maintain the focus you began to build.

Now imagine this driving range makes you keep your extra balls in a bucket about 20 feet behind your stall. Imagine how the mindset and focus you curated for that first shot would evaporate during that short walk for ball No. 2. My guess is this driving range session wouldn't last for more than a few inefficient minutes.

Not surprisingly, unplanned or forced context switches can be a massive impediment to productivity, and it's easy to see why when we apply these context switches at the driving range. But when it comes to experience creation, far too many internal creative teams are forced to leave their tools of choice to find the content they need to work within their organization's digital asset management (DAM) application.

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