Facebook Groups: Why Marketers Should Use Them To Get Customers
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Facebook Groups: Why Marketers Should Use Them To Get Customers

Do you underestimate the effectiveness of Facebook groups? I hope not. 👀.

Facebook groups are a hotspot where your customers congregate.

Sure, the organic reach on Facebook has dwindled.

But the reach and benefits you get from a Facebook group are still unmatched.

Today, there are Facebook groups for everything.

There are Facebook groups for:

how to get your babies to sleep.
how to grow your business
Facebook advertising, creative and funnels

And more.

If you can think of a topic, there's probably a Facebook group on that topic.

So what exactly should brands be thinking?

Brands should be thinking about simple strategies to reach thousands of people in Facebook groups where their audiences spend time and connect with like-minds.

There are two ways for brands to get into Facebook groups and become a part of the conversation.

The first is to reach out, buy the groups, and allow them to still maintain the community element but be sponsored by your brand.

The second is to hire a community manager. This community manager will not only monitor and contribute to these communities but become your brand ambassador or evangelist in Facebook groups.

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