Protect your DocuSign agreements with round-the-clock activity tracking.
Protect your DocuSign agreements with round-the-clock activity tracking.
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Preventing damage from unauthorized activity is a major challenge for organizations.
While DocuSign meets or exceeds stringent US, EU, and global security standards,
your agreements can only be as secure as your organization's credential management
and operational integrity

Monitor provides an additional layer of security to help guard
your critical agreements. Using advanced analytics to track
eSignature web, mobile and API account activity across the
enterprise, Monitor empowers security teams to:
– Detect potential threats from outsiders or insiders,
with rules-based alerts
– Investigate incidents with ready access to in-depth
– Respond quickly with decisive action to verified threats
Monitor includes pre-built alerts for common types of
potentially suspicious user activity, and provides round-theclock tracking of more than 40 types of events. DocuSign's
mature telemetry includes detailed information-like IP
address, location and history-to support efficient incident
investigation. With this timely information, security teams and
administrators can take quick action to mitigate and resolve
threats to your critical agreements, before they lead to
significant damage.