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Strategies for Genuine Content Marketing with Luke Frazier

"We often talk about marketing as if we're addressing robots, using playbooks to tenfold our growth, stuck in the early 2000s mindset of click funnels. Too many people are still in that space," says Luke Frazier, CEO and Storyteller at PARABLE Brand.

In this episode, we are joined by PARABLE Brand's Luke Frazier to discuss the authenticity of marketing, the evolution of B2B content, and the importance of creativity amidst data-driven strategies. Luke also brings a unique perspective on content marketing that challenges traditional B2B practices. From Luke's viral 'Sauna Series' to his insights on building genuine connections, this conversation uncovers the secrets behind successful content marketing.

In this episode, you'll learn:
- Prioritize listening to your customers to better tailor your marketing strategies
- Having a flexible and fun approach to content creation can yield meaningful engagement
- Using detailed brand strategy and market research as the foundation is crucial for effective marketing

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[03:48] Marketing insights in the sauna
[08:51] Seeking community engagement in an AI-driven, inauthentic world
[12:59] CMOs in the tech industry
[14:36] Marketers fighting for value
[18:40] Emotional involvement and a better company culture
[21:23] Market research, strategy, and authenticity
[24:27] Do constraints breed creativity?